Build your own COMBAT ROBOTS

Innovative & Adaptable STEM Robotics Kits Program in Schools

ARKObots™ is a new, exciting and innovative STEM education technology program that offers a diverse range of learning strategies that link the digital and physical worlds through combat robots. This gives students, teachers and digital leaders a better knowledge and application of robotic designs. ARKObots™ utilises the skills of design iteration, CAD, 3D printing, electronics and programming for unique STEM results in schools.

Students start with the rules and specifications of combat building and competition and take their ideas to finally battling their robots which is a fun and rewarding experience.

Combat robots also brings an element of strategy whereby students learn to change their robot designs for better combat results. ARKObots™ utilises a console similar to gaming and RC driving which is a familiar tool in the student’s social environments therefore it is comfortable.

Jayden Strudwick was a STEMpreneur at Norwood International High School. He is the Founder and Maker of ARKObots™ and Raptor Robots. Jayden showed a natural talent and started learning how to build combat robots while at primary school. He has gone on to win many events and has featured on BTN for his work in the combat robot community.

While working with Nick Jackson from Wirreanda Secondary School, he co-developed a Unit of Work in Combat Robots that had a very high success rate for participation, completion and enjoyment by students.

ARKObots™ extends the robotic design process whereby students are able to design and program their robots to full automation and programmability. The additional benefits are students utilise CAD, 3D printing and electronics in the process which allows them and schools the ability to fully immerse themselves in a complete design and robotics building experience.

This fully engages the STEM learning process in secondary schools that desire new STEM growth and opportunities.

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